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Khalon *** Re: FULLY  
  Hello, I have used the product myself and I think its brilliant and I think in the UK the potential is there. I would like to place an order on the FULLY 23gr bottles.
Thank you.
      October 21, 2015
             Mirjam *** Re: Fully  
  Dear Ms Christine
Thank you for asking. We have started selling the Fibers and they are received well by our customers. We are happy with the initial sales. Thank you for your continued support.
With kind regards,

    October 1, 2015


            Ramon *** Re: FULLY Hair Fiber Sample  
Very happy with the product definitely interested in doing business.

 October 19, 2015


            Antonio *** Re: FULLY  
  Thank you for your fast response.
We received your sample kit and liked the product. We’re working on the logistics and plan to order from you soon.

  September 18, 2015


           Sanjeet *** Re: Dear Sanjeet-hair fiber test result follow up  
  Hi Alice,
Yes I’ve finally had a little bit of time to test and I like the colour accuracy of you product compared to other alibaba suppliers.

    September 8, 2015


           Nicky *** Re: Hair Fiber  
Good morning,
Yes hair fiber is really good we have tested it. Now I have work on weight and custom. I am creating my own brand, so I will send you the company logo.
Thank you.

    September 7, 2015


         DeShawn *** Re: DHL TRACKING NO. of FULLY  
  Hello Christine,
Sorry, I’ve been on the road traveling a bit. We love the fibers! We want to work with your company. What is the price for 12g along with the sprayer cap?

     September 4, 2015


          Kay *** Re: Please show latest customs situation of the hair fiber goods  

Hi, thank you for ur care products with me I took them from 2 days, and I like them very much, you are the best, next week I will order also 240 pcs but this time u should send it for me in 3 names.


     September 2, 2015



         Kais *** Re: FULLY hair fiber  

Hi Cindy,
The product test very good. I will keep in touch with you.



         August 31, 2015


        Marc *** FULLY Hair Fiber Sample  
  Hi Shira,
We have just received the sample by DHL. Thanks.
Thank you for your response and best regards

          August 20, 2015


        Angela *** Re: Order received  
  Dear Shira,
Hope you are well! We just tested the hair fiber yesterday and we like it. So we want to work with you. Please let me know how we can start to work as an OEM.
Best regards.

          August 19, 2015


        Mubashir *** Re: FULLY Hair Fiber Sample  
  Hello Shira,
Hope you are well. I am happy with the hair fibers. I will talk to you tomorrow about the order.
Thank you.

          August 18, 2015


        Angelita *** Re: FULLY hair fiber sample  
  Hi Shira,
I received the products, I am impressed with the high quality packaging and design!!! I am interested in private label and I’m sure that your designers will do an excellent job.
Thank you.

              July 31, 2015


        Path *** Re: Hair Fiber  
  The hair fiber is very fine compared with other brands. I will let you know how it works with other products.

              July 17, 2015


Damkerng *** Re: Hair Fiber  
  Thanks Christine, the goods arrived at the clinic intact. I love your product but will try first on the patient and will let you know.

             July 16, 2015



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